Media Server System.

PIXERA is a multi award winning 64-bit system for real-time media processing, compositing and management, based on the core theme of usability.

The powerful render engine can handle video files up to and beyond uncompressed 8K and is ideally suited for playing back HDR or 12-bitcontent.

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AV over IP, Scalers / Converters, Switchers

World-class, state-of-the-art ProAV solutions for use in corporate, educational, entertainment, healthcare, retail, and government applications

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Ultimate Video Wall and 
Control Room Solutions

Datapath is a leader in control technologies for creative multi-display video walls, small- to medium-scale video walls in business environments, 
and command and control rooms of any scale

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Control & Manage
your AV system

Relying on virtualization to provide unparalleled flexibility and reliability, ISAAC is a modular platform that lets you monitor and manage your AV systems all from a web browser.

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Projection Software

Warping and Blending for multiple Projectors

VIOSO provides fascinating software solutions for your multi projector setups. Whether it is a creative AV installation or a complex simulation environment, we make the setup of projects like panorama screens, domeprojections and projection mapping incredibly innovative and reliable.

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